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this is a small collection of some of the crappiest songs ever recorded, taken from a small collection of what i like to call "forgotten albums best left forgotten." this webpage is the companion piece to a zine that was first printed in september, 2004. unfortunately, because of technical problems between my computer and my record player, this webpage was not actually completed until january 1, 2005. you can listen to a selection from each album below by clicking on its title to open a music player in a new window. if you would like to know more about these albums, you had better cop a copy of the zine for yourself for only $2. also, look out for a new issue in 2006; i've already got a stash of more forgotten albums to write about! i hope your ears don't bleed too badly after hearing these songs. repeat listening is definitely not recommended.


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"wet, hot sweat"
by radio active cats
from radio active cats
warner bros records (1991)

radio active cats : radio active cats

"ho is lazy"
by chunky a
from large and in charge
mca records (1989)

chunky a : large and in charge

"c'est pas nous (that's not for us)"
by jordy
from pochette surprise
columbia records (1992)

jordy : pochette surprise

"sloppy kisses"
by jesse camp
from jesse & the 8th street kidz
hollywood records (1999)

jesse camp : jesse and the 8th street kidz

"the last time i made love"
by beau williams
from bodacious!
capitol records (1984)

beau williams : bodacious!

"pay double"
by jesus chrust
from i'm nailed right in
fudgeworthy records (1993)

jesus chrust : i'm nailed right in

"i can feed you love / ratt rage"
by rick dees (w/ rockwell)
from put it where the moon don't shine
atlantic records (1984)

rick dees : put it where the moon don't shine

"diggin' guts / luv dem peaches"
by po' white trash
from po' like dis
pocket change productions (2001)

po' white trash : po' like dis

"stop and start"
by richard simmons
from reach
elektra/asylum records (1982)

richard simmons : reach

"hold the peace"
by cump'ny meet'n
from hold the peace
self release (1998?)

cump'ny meet'n : hold the peace

"good girl"
by lisa whelchel
from all because of you
nissi records (1984)

lisa whelchel : all because of you

"hell nah"
by out of order
from 2000 a.d. the era of triplossis
p.d. waxx records (2002)

out of order : 2000 a.d. the era of triplossis

"god bless america"
by tony danza
from the house i live in
keep punchin' music (2002)

tony danza : the house i live in

"i don't suck (really)"
by kurt angle
from wwe originals
columbia records (2004)

wwe originals

"skat strut"
by mc skat kat
from the adventures of...
virgin records (1991)

mc skat kat : adventures of...

by warhead
from new york metal 84
rockcity records (1984)

new york metal 84

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